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About Mayari

Hello there!

We are Lea and Tiago, the couple behind this project, creators and photographers.

Mayari is a project based on unique, handmade jewelry and clothing which was born in the end of 2019.

The journey has begun with our deep admiration for the art of Macrame - knotting around powerful crystals and cabochons. In 2023 a new chapter began with the presentation of upcycled clothing, giving a new life to old pieces and a new vision to the world.

Over time and experience we've discovered to express ourselves through various ways - different styles and techniques. We incorporate natural and recycled materials, found bones, metals, little accessories from around the world, gathered together on our travels.

Our exclusive jewelry and clothing are made in free flow, with designs strongly inspired by tribal forms, mother nature and her sacred geometry, the natural circle of life and death, light and darkness.

Every single piece is made with infinite love and dedication, intent to adorn, express and empower those who feel the connection.

By sharing our art and passion with the world we also intend to pass a message of awareness about slow fashion, the importance of handmade and acceptance and honoring our very own uniqueness.

Our love for art and handmade is deeply rooted in our nature which leads us to support and collaborate with other creators and artists around the world - the inspiration is endless.

Meaning of the name

"Mayari" comes from the Tagalon mythology. Goddess of the Moon and night, of combat, revolution, right to equal rule, hunt, weaponry, beauty and strength.

Our whole message with this project can be found in its name.

Also, have we started to create mostly at night, when the world is sleeping and everything is quiet, only the power of the Moon letting our creativity flow.